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Scott Fenley - Emerson Chloride.

I have a very special place in my heart for Sia. There is a very small and select list of men that I would personally consider mentors and he is one of them. My nickname for him is Yoda because he is as wise but not as green as that fictional creature. He is a problem solver among problem solvers. I consider myself an outside the box thinker and he teaches me a thing or two every time we talk. He is a leader and would be an asset to any company. The harder the problem you have the better the choice he is. I hear he is working on a great book and I am looking forward to reading it.

Louis Bosse - Prosthodontist

Sia is a bundle of joy and humor; he is a pleasure to be around. He provides great insight and practical solutions to everyday business challenges. He has real world experience having worked with both large and medium size corporations. I highly recommend Sia not only for his outstanding work proficiency but also because he is an all-around great guy!

Bill Zaffos - CRISC Director of Audit / Risk Mgm. and Sr Project Mgmt.

I have known Sia Dehghan for four years in a professional setting. Sia is a no non sense sort of guy. He has a sense of humor, however, when it comes to work at hand, he wants to do the very best. Sia has a strong project management and customer service background, he knows people and what makes them perform best. Sia is a great friend and an asset to any company. January 23, 2012, Bill worked directly with Sia at dehghan.or

John W. Hardy - Sales Associate at Credexo

Sia is a wealth of information for job seekers. He is always ready with a word of encouragement and quick to hold job seekers accountable in their job search activities. He has a great deal of experience with resumes and what information employers are looking for. It has been a pleasure to work with Sia on this team.
July 7, 2011, John W. worked directly with Sia at dehghan.org Elliott Avery, RCDD, RTPM

Celerino Torres - Chief VoIP/UC Security Architect

Sia has a tenacious, detailed-driven attitude to serve. He maintains a professional focus, and is customer centric in his services he offers. The longest lingering impression is his audacity to get the job done right the first time, meanwhile maintaining the composure and stature of a truly compassionate businessperson.

Craig Westney - Solution Architecture Executive at Accenture

I had both the personal and professional pleasure of working with Sia at Accenture. Sia brought delivery experience and insights to our infrastructure solution engagements. Sia is professional, knowledgeable and friendly to work with. I would happily work with Sia again

Mohan Kapur, MBA, ACC. - Executive/Performance/Career Coach

As a Coach, I found Sia an insightful and thoughtful leader who energizes operational plans through a strategic perspective. He uses a fine blend of organization and communication to tackle projects.  With his optimistic outlook and detail-orientation, Sia will be a great asset for any organization in managing their operation successfully!

James Johns- Registered Professional Engineer (Colorado) - Embedded Systems Design Engineer

I have known and worked with Sia for more than a year on several projects. I found him to be straight forward, accountable, and a dedicated professional. I have been impressed with his ability to work with clients as a client-focused professional, his technical knowledge of IT, and his overall professionalism. He is very pleasant to work with. I would recommend Sia for any position that he seeks.

Lewis Cadwallader - Controller at Schlumberger

Sia showed great overall business knowledge while always making sure his customer base (external and internal) had his focus. He was the type of manager to take his P&L management seriously and kept looking for ways to improve the bottom line.

Leah Martinez - Staffing Manager at MRE Consulting, Ltd.

Sia is an extremely dedicated and focused professional that will take what may be complex and streamline it or make it more approachable while appeasing all parties along the way. I believe his excellent demeanor allows him to get along with everyone. He never gives up or chooses to become negative. I feel he is a well-rounded manager that any company should feel privileged to have working for them

Keith B. Davidson, Sr. - Oil & Gas Technology, Best Practices - Drilling, Production & Operations Optimization

Sia is by far the best Operations Manager I have ever worked with. His "six sense" capabilities allowed us to double our Quota sales performance. His Sales and Delivery programs are "Spot On!"

Demetrios Stellas - Global Sales Director

Sia has the skills to get the job done on time and on budget. He has great problem solving skills and is quite good at finding unique solutions to challenging problems.

Jameel Syed - Experienced Identity & Access Management & Governance, Risk & Compliance Strategist

Sia cannot be described in a few words. He is a person who makes work more enjoyable. Many a times I was amazed by his ability to read between the lines and to make successful business decisions. He is somebody who makes you believe in tomorrow by his spectacular convincing approach. He is a great Mentor and is very sensitive & supportive of his team and their individual situations.

Amit Philip - Director, Corporate Strategy

As a manager, Sia was able to understand the skills, expertise and personalities of his team members and create a dynamic based on this understanding that allowed the team to function efficiently. He was good at motivating his employees, and stood up for them whenever possible.  Sia does not get stressed or does not appear to be stressed during stressful times, and is a calming influence on the team.  He has a knack of getting things done, and is not afraid to make calls to make sure tasks are completed professionally and on time.

Surachet Tanwongsval - U-A Country Manager and Henkel Thailand President

If you get to know Sia, you'll understand why he's one of the best managers and friend. He's not only attentive to the business but also to his people. You are always motivated to deliver the best results possible for him and ultimately, the company.

Mark Groeschel - Business Application Manager at Total Gas & Power North America Inc.
Sia Dehghan is a Manager that you can depend on to guide you in a direction of success at all times. The aptitude for success reflected in his every day work was a characteristic of what I had been shown in the 8 years I served in the US Army and this attitude is what allowed me to do what I had been shown over the years and that is to succeed. We complimented each other well with an attitude of we will succeed no matter what, and it was a pleasure to have such a motivator that would mentor me to success. I have also seen Sia take a company that I do business with today and turn it from one of the worst service delivery departments to absolutely the best service delivery department I have ever worked with in my career. It was at a point where we almost departed ways and went with another company until I realized he would be reorganizing the entire department. So based on this and my knowledge of working for Sia, the consideration to leave that company and move on never entered my mind again.  It has been a pleasure to not only work with Sia but to have had to opportunity to learn from him. Hope the day will come where we are a Team again

David Davis - Console Operator at ConocoPhillips

I had the pleasure of working with Sia at Total Fina Elf when I was implementing their new Cisco Catalyst 6513 core switch and upgrading their distribution switches. Sia was great to work with; he was a great manager and liked by all his employees. I would definitely jump at the opportunity to work with him again and recommend him to any company.

Kathy Scott- Project Manager at Chevron

Sia excelled at building customer relationships and maintaining a high standard of Customer service. He successfully collaborated with other teams to ensure the highest quality of personnel completed the project for his customers on time and within budget. I highly recommend Sia to lead, manage and execute all areas of Customer projects.

Mark Hicks- Vice President - Managed Services for Energy, Utilities, Public Sector, Healthcare and Transport at Atos

Sia did a great job managing a demanding client while delivering quality service. His ability to manage and make the right decisions was a significant asset to our support team.

Chris Wherry - Director Commercial North America at Appian Corporation

Sia taught me the art of creating a level of effort for consulting engagements while at Schlumberger. He is very results-oriented and always guarantees that customers’ expectations are set properly and that projects are delivered on time to satisfied customers. Sia has always built strong customer relationships and surrounded himself with dedicated team members who are committed to customer success. He always created a fun work environment while still motivating employees to succeed on even the most challenging projects. Sia is a true leader whose business acumen always ensures he is one step ahead in predicting risk or anything that stood in way of success.

Marti Wilkie -Director at CompuCom
Sia is extremely customer focused fulfilling the role as a trusted advisor to the customer. He is a dedicated team player with excellent recruiting skills and a great team motivator. Sia is a detail oriented manager who can also look at the big picture. He is committed to achieving a company’s objectives and is great at finding revenue opportunities. I recommend him for any leadership role that involves managing people, budget and/or technology.

Donna Raitt - Owner/Operater at DonraDesigns

I was contracted to TOTAL E&P as an intranet developer - As Sia was the Service Delivery Manager I reported directly to him during that contract. He is extremely knowledgable in his field; commands respect and fair as well as helpful to all who work for him and/or with him. I truly hope that some time in the future I will have the opportunity to once again work for and with this individual

Brian Robicheaux - Service Desk Manager at Atos Origin
Sia and I worked closely together to deliver support services to our clients. Sia was excellent at directly interfacing and managing the client relationship. Sia was always focused on meeting his Service Levels and building and implementing the appropriate processes to ensure those Service Levels were met so that we exceeded the client's expectations.

Matthew Broussard - Schlumberger

Sia, is passionate about taking care of his responsibilities. He is a practical and logical thinker and has a good feel for seeing the "big picture." When it comes to getting the job done he is a great asset to have in your corner. He would be a great addition to any organization.

Roy Wooten - Executive Director, Shield-Bearer Counseling Centers, Houston, TX area - rwooten@fightingforhearts.org

Hired Sia as a Business Consultant in 2008 - Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative. “As a client of Sia's work, I have been impressed with his analytical mind, quick ability to accurately assess the landscape and environment and effective solutions that are within the capacity and financial ability of the organization. Sia has a great personality and sense of humor which makes him great to work with and I highly recommend him without reservation.” July 30, 2008

Gerard Fusco - President, Gerry Fusco Consulting (colleague)

“Sia has been part of a Senior Leadership Team in Houston helping C-level executives in Job Transition. He continues to provide business planning insights and contributes in other areas of expertise particularly in the IT arena, helping executives improve the efficiency of their searches. A positive thinker and supporter he has been a valued asset to this Leadership effort. Gerry Fusco Director, Senior Managers' Between Jobs Ministry” November 5, 2008

Cheryl Sandifer - Career Coach

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative - “Sia has been extremely helpful as a career coach. He has a creative way of analyzing the skills of individuals and applying them to multifaceted opportunities. Sia’s firm but patient persistence challenges people bring out their full potential.” April 28, 2012

Therese M. Cirone - Health Safety & Environmental (HSE) Site Manager, Chlorine Institute (colleague)

Sia was a valuable source of IT expertise to our organization during a major project start-up. I truly appreciated his professionalism, honesty and integrity. His hard work and dedication to the team greatly contributed to our success.” August 22, 2008

Elliott Avery - -RCDD, RTPM , VP, ieSmartSystems, L.L.C. (colleague)

Sia successfully developed and implemented the service management module for ieSmartSystems that resulted in increased revenue. During his tenure, we saw an increase in profit that exceeded our expectations. Sia is a detailed-oriented manager that focuses on the strategic objectives and is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. Sia was an asset to the service department moreover extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company. Sia took the lead role in implementing the new phone switch installation along with new local exchange carrier. He completed this task with zero down time. Sia was always willing to offer his assistance and had an excellent rapport with the many constituents served by our office including clients, employers, and other professional organizations. I recommend Sia without reservations. I am confident that he will establish productive relationships with your staff and constituents. He would make a great asset to any organization and I recommend him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.” April 9, 2010

Sia Dehghan
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